Buying that Nagawicka Lake Home in Delafield, Nashotah, and Hartland Wisconsin.

Living on a Lake, especially Lake Nagawicka is truly something that brings enjoy from the time you get up, until you go to bed. It’s the sunrises and pontoon rides around the lake enjoying sunsets, or if you are a little more of of thrill seeker like me you go tubing. What’s tubing? It’s where instead of water skiing you tie an inner tube to a fast boot and when it gets flying the boot whips into a turn and you and the inner tube go off spinning and flying. Caution: Stay away from docks and islands.


In the spring on Lake Nagawicka you have great fishing, in summer you have fishing, water skiing, tubing, scuba diving, boating and more, Fall brings you the same, and in winter you have ice boating, ice fishing, and ice diving. What’s ice diving? That’s where you you put on a dry suit and cut a hole in the ice, tie a rope to yourself so you can find your way out, and you go scuba diving under the ice. Don’t do this if you are claustrophobic. I did a lot of this when we had to pull unfortunate people out of the water on our search team, and recover snowmobiles and vehicles and people that had went through the ice.


I happen to live on Lake Nagawicka and this lake has bars, restaurants, beautiful homes, and frontage, abuts the downtown of Delafield Wisconsin, and also is located in Nashotah Wisconsin, Hartland Wisconsin. To find out more bout the quality of this lake please take a look at Lake Nagawicka chemical and quality of water makeup. One of my favorite restaurants, not to mention how gracious these folks are when we have fund raisers is the Seven Seas. The food , atmosphere, and frontage are just phenmanal and out of this world. You can check out there restaurant here at The Seven Seas Restaurant on Lake Nagawicka. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society Lake Nagawicka is NAGAWICKA LAKE, is near the centre of the town of Delafield, two miles and a quarter long, by three-fourths broad, and occupies an area of six hundred and ninety acres. It is five miles and a quarter around. Bark river runs through it transversely, and it contains a small island, which adds much to the beauty of the lake. The shores are high, and covered with scattered trees, presenting a fine prospect to the eye. Its surface is three hundred and four feet above Lake Michigan.”

lake nagawicka

The Wisconsin Department of Resources has lots of information on Lake Nagawicka If you would like more information about  Lake Nagawicka contact me and please click on any of the following links at Homes on Lake Nagawicka Delafield Wisconsin, or Homes on Lake Nagawicka Nashotah Wisconsin, and Homes for sale on Lake Nagawicka Hartland Wisconsin or click this MLS symbol and save your searches


Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!

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